Current/new songs I love

Hello my loves,

since all I’ve done the last couple of weeks is studying and revising I once again fallen in love with music. I don’t know why but every time I have to do things for Uni my mind decides to fall back in love with music and preferably would love to be the person who actually does this songs and sings them. Well, only problem: I can’t sing and I can’t play any instruments or have a great music telent, whatsoever. Damn it, would have been too good, right? πŸ˜€

So, if I can’t be the person who does all this amazing music, I decided to pick out 4 songs I recently have liked a lot and also 3 of them have just been released. I tried to write something useful about these songs as well, to try and make you listen to them, but by any means, I’m not a music expert and just somebody who I likes music an awful lot. So this is way I basically just try to convince you to listen to these songs rather then give you real music expert opinion on it.

I hope you like the songs I’ve chosen and whilst you read them and maybe even have a listen, I continue procrastinating and dream of a music career which I will never have! πŸ˜€

Lots of love,

Jenny xxx.

All Night – The Vamps & Matoma

Picture Source

Although this song is already quit ‘old’ I only recently fallen in love with it. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Vamps but this song is a bit different to their previous songs. Usual Vamps songs are pop songs which are inspired by rock music, I would say. They all play their own instruments, as a band does, therefore it isn’t your typical pop song you can hear in the radio.

But back to ‘All Night’. All Night isn’t a typical Vamps song since it’s produced by the Swedish DJ Matoma. It’s definitely an upbeat song which puts you automatically in a good mood, plus is amazing to dance around in your room! πŸ˜‰

So, even if you aren’t the biggest Vamps fan and usually don’t like their music that much, I can only highly recommend you give this song a listen because it’s quite different to any other songs they have done before.


Are You Sure – Kris Kross Amsterdam & Conor Maynard Ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Picture Source

Yes, you read right, Conor Maynard. He’s finally back with new original music! Some of you might remember songs like ‘Vegas Girl’, ‘Can’t Say No’, ‘Are You Crazy’ or ‘Royalty’. Or just simply know his amazing covers and from YouTube videos he has been in. Nevertheless if you heard from him or not, he’s back with new music! And let me tell you, a pretty good one as well. Whilst listening to this song, it kinda reminds me of the vibe of new Justin Bieber songs. But it’s definitely not copying or anything, its just the same vibe and around the same kind of music. Conor’s voice is really good in it, although this song definitely doesn’t even show the whole potential of his voice.

If you like songs like ‘What Do You Mean’, ‘Let Me Love You’ or ‘Where Are Ü Now’ I can only advise you to listen to this song as well because it’s a pretty good song!


Dirty Laundry – All Time Low

Picture Source

Every single punk/ pop-punk lover, you’re in for a real treat: All Time Low is back with a new song. Well, also every other person is in for a treat, but, well at least in my friendship group, nobody has heard from All Time Low if it isn’t somebody who likes punk. Anyhow, this song was just released last Friday and let me tell you it’s amazing!
Even though it starts of quite slow and kinda reminds me more of like your typical songs you can hear in the radio, after the second chorus, it’s clear that it isn’t your typical song you can hear on the radio. It’s definitely guitar and drum driven! But it definitely sounds different from previous songs from All Time Low. But what else do you expect from an artist? They change and so does the music change with them. Plus I think I don’t even need to address that Alex sounds amazing, as usual, in it.

Fight For It – Lucy Spraggan

Picture Source

You remember her? Lucy Spraggan auditioned in 2012 for the X-Factor UK and let me tell you she delivered one of the best and funniest auditions, with her original song ‘Last Night’, I’ve ever seen. Sadly she had to leave the Show early because of healthy reasons, if I’m not mistaken. But now she’s finally back with a new song. Let me tell you, this song is right up my alley. It starts of with just an electric guitar and her singing. I particular like this because it shows Lucy’s good voice! In general I think it’s refreshing that it is a chilled song where you can hear the instruments that are played in this song. The whole song is simple and clear but yet deep and beautiful.


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