My three favourite female YouTubers

So I am currently in a big procrastination hole and I went into a spiral of  re-watching my favourite YouTubers, because what else would I be doing so I thought I’d share with you three of my favourite female YouTubers. I have to say that I am not a huge fan of beauty YouTubers, I mean I watch the occasional Zoella or Tanya Burr Video but apart from that I am more into honest talking, comedy and just people that I could genuinely see myself be friends with kind of people.

First up is someone I have been following for a couple of years now. I have to admit that I started watching her because of her brother.. oops.. but tbh I have gotten to the stage where I prefer her videos. Her name is Theodora Lee and she is the sister of Caspar Lee. She lives in South Africa and talks about basically anything that could come up in life from relationships to bullies to parents. She is honest and relatable. She makes me feel like a lot of things I deal with are okay and normal to feel and that I shouldn’t feel bad about it. She has never made me feel like I am missing out on this great life and that I need so much money to be happy. She makes me feel like it is okay to feel shit every now and then, which should be a normal thing to know anyways but sometimes, it doesn’t feel okay to be down. She is an inspiration to me in the way she is holding herself and presenting herself in her videos. This is my favourite video of Theo. I hope you enjoy it.


My next one is Carrie Hope Fletcher who I started watching for the stupid reason of seeing what she does with her hair as I was looking for something to do with my curls and I was trying to think of a YouTuber that had curls and she came to my mind. I then quickly realised that she was not about that, but stayed for her bubbly character and her beautiful voice. She’s obsessed with Disney, tea and books and she has performed in musicals such as Les Miserables in London and was on tour with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang all over the UK. She is quirky and it is amazing. She makes you want to just cuddle up on a couch with a good book and a cup of tea. Like Theo she also addresses issues like body shaming, but she also shows you the behind the scenes of her job which is quite cool. Here is one of my favourite covers by her.



If you want honest and open, my next favourite person is the right one for you. Her name is Hannah Witton and she talks all things, sex, hormones, feminism and generally a lot of advice. I started watching her when a friend of mine asked me if I had seen her video with Holly Bourne, a YA novelist whose books I love, and I have been watching Hannah ever since. She is the type of girl you will find in my friendship groups and I think this is why I like her that much. Also, there is rarely a video she puts up where I don’t find myself afterwards saying: “And I thought it was just me” which is great. Hannah is very open about issues that are relevant to any girl, yet are often still frowned upon when you talk about them, which is ridiculous and she very much likes to point it out. I think, another reason why I like her is that in terms of confidence I see her a s a role model. She seems to be pretty happy with her body and where she is at in her life and that comes across and that is kind of what I am aiming for, so it feels good to have a role model in that sense.


So there you go! I think the three of them are definitely worth checking out! have fun procrastinating!
Lots of Love,







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