The Most Fashionable TV Shows Of All Time (According To Me)

Hey everyone,

since it’s a new year it’s time for some new series’s to watch so your 2017 can be as full of Netflix binge sessions as your 2016 was. Well mine was and I am pretty sure it has gotten even worse. So if you’ve got some time in between hating yourself for your drunk New Years Eve mistakes and deciding on what to have for dinner, here’s a list of those shows that I just love watching, not only because of the fashion but fashion does play a huge part. Let yourselves be inspired! And it’s a bit late but: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!!

  1. Sex and the City

What would a list of my top fashionable TV shows be without an old classic like Sex And The City. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha never seemed to fail me with their tumblr_o0hkrwnfqc1qb6v6ro1_400outfits and I can just bow down in front of the series costume designers. Fashion wise it made me dream of a life as a journalist in wonderful New York City. It made me want to have Carries wardrobe and most importantly her shoes! She even made tube tops look cute and I swear tube tops are a big no in my opinion.
The series and the movies featured some memorable outfits and I would definitely still wear some of them. There was something for everyone and that is what I love about the fashion choices made for the characters. It is just a fun show to watch and who could ever make a fur coat look as good as Carrie did? Plus, Carrie Bradshaw taught me that the right bag makes an outfit:
“Balls are to men, what purses are to women. It’s just a little bag, but we’d feel naked in public without it.” – Carrie Bradshaw

2. Gossip Girl

Another series that takes place in New York and another one of my favourite TV series of tumblr_ndblnmsi1i1siivh5o1_500all time. If not my all time favourite. Gossip Girl was just perfection and I’m still bitter about the fact that they did not already film a spin-off or a movie. What I love about Gossip Girl is almost the same reason as to why I love SATC as much as I do. All the different relationships between the characters and the different friendships are just so much fun to watch, plus, there is again
something for everyone when it comes to fashion. Whether it’s Serena’s effortless casual yet sexy looks that always reminded me of what Sienna Miller would wear if she’d live in New York, Blairs super preppy, super chic outfits, Vanessa’s Boho Brooklyn looks or tumblr_o9n5tgxrzh1ujcvduo1_500Jenny’s transition from cutesy to all out there grunge. Blair made headbands and colorful tights wearable and Serena made me dream of having the right height to sport these amazingly cool boots or one of her bodycon dresses. The outfits the guys of the series wore should also not be neglected, especially the lovely ensembles Chuck Bass blessed us with. All in all, the series just had what I would describe as preppy perfection straight out of some Tommy Hilfiger ad.

3. Downton Abbey

tumblr_mi0ajfgnkv1r6uup8o1_r2_250All this modern day fashion can be fun and games but I think a series turns into something really impressive if the costume designers have to put the cast into something that fits
into another decade. Downton Abbey shows fashion from before World War 1 until around 1925, therefore an incredibly detailed record of historic fashion from that time. To me that just seems like a whole lot of work and it’s just incredibly interesting to follow the development of especially female fashion during those years and how women slowly broke free of their rather suppressive lives.tumblr_inline_mx5gsfle0d1s2m7xu

4. Pretty Little Liars

Who doesn’t love PLL? I think we were all obsessed with it at one point and I am still not over the fact that the series is actually over. It feel like it was yesterday that I was attending Allisons funeral with Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hanna. Over the seasons I grew to love the girls individual styles and how well the costume designers interpreted the girls personalities in their outfits.tumblr_od72ychrxs1uh32cto1_500

5. Friendstumblr_oeqq7bcbpw1qlv6abo4_250

I just had to include a 90s show! Phoebe, Rachel and Monica have some super cute outfits
that just scream major throwback. All these crop tops and scrunchies and mum jeans make my heart happy and me smile. The series in general is also just super funny and adorable and always cheers me up.

6. The Hills/The City

Now I used to be obsessed with The Hills and The City and I remember as a 12 year old I was obsessed with Laurens, Heidis, Whitneys, Kristins and Audrinas fashion choices. They always looked super trendy and sooo cool! I also remember watching the series in secret as my mum did not particularly like it when I was watching MTV…which is understandable….but that just made it even more exciting so maybe my judgment is not to be trusted on this one.tumblr_ntvgmx3w7b1qa4dulo1_400

tumblr_o9s9uiy4sw1uhegnxo1_2507. The Carrie Diaries

tumblr_o9n9w4gjui1r9iwxmo3_250I have finished the 2 season of holy 80s fashion and super cute curly haired Carrie within
2 days (That was an intense Netflix binge, I can tell you), and I am devastated that they never continued the show. I lived for Carrie and Sebastian together, more specifically I just sometimes really enjoyed looking at Austin Butler but in a “Gosh, that is one beautiful human being” rather then “Take your clothes off now!”. Him and Vanessa are life and so was Carries fashion in the show. It was such a fun modern twist on 80s fashion staples. So many bright colours and patterns were mixed together into one pot of fashion genius. Why not copy me and binge watch it in two days as well? You won’t regret it.

8.New Girl

Jess outfits are just too cute and so it only makes sense that this series makes the cut. Her jumpers are always on point and the skirts she owns, lets just say I would kill for them. Her style is exactly how I dress so she is basically my spirit animal. tumblr_nhv3uixown1qaqasro1_250

So there you have it, these are my picks for most fashionable TV series. You should definitely check them out if you get the chance to. Did I forget any? Why not send me a message on our instagram to twitter 🙂 You can always write us for whatever reason, we love talking to you! So that we won’t get in any trouble: I found all the gifs on tumblr!

Love, Lili xx


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