Women’s Rights

I was watching live feeds of some of the women’s marches in the US and made the mistake of looking at the comments and I have to say I was incredibly shocked. I say that, yet I found my self thinking I am shocked but I am not surprised.
In the comments there were both men and women saying that the people demonstrating today for the awareness of women’s rights, after the inauguration of Donald Trump are being stupid and are just upset that they did not get their way. I saw comments saying that these people are cry babies and that women should just learn to keep their legs shut. Like excuse me?
I am all for expressing your opinion and I am usually quite accepting opinions that are different from mine because I know not everyone can have the same opinion and I do not think that I am always right and I am open to learn about other opinions and adapt my views but these kind of comments make me angry and feel sick.

It makes me sad that there are so many people that do not only not feel represented by the  new president, but that there are also so many people who feel their rights threatened and are scared what the presidency will mean to them and their rights. By the sheer number of people going on the streets to be part of the demonstrations across the globe today, it should be obvious that it is not a small issue that can quickly be brushed away. A large group of people is scared that the progress towards equality that has been made for equality in the past, and especially under the Obama administration, will be made void by the Trump administration.

Marching for women’s rights might seem to some people as too feminist and that it is a group of radical people that want to overthrow men and dominate but that is not the reason so many people are on the streets today! First of all there are men marching as well today, because they are scared for the rights of their mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, cousins, friends, or just because they are decent human beings and believe in equality. For women that are on the streets today it is not as much about taking over the world, but to remind people and especially Donald Trump that WOMEN ARE HUMAN BEINGS WITH THE SAME RIGHTS AS MEN!! Women are not objects that can be objectified like Donald Trump has done in the past publicly. It is not a woman’s fault if she gets sexually assaulted or raped just because she was wearing something, that a man thought was ‘sexy’. Donald Trump is being sued for sexual assault. Women are scared that with him as president in the public eye, people will see this kind of behaviour as an absolution to act the same way which it definitely is not. THAT IS WHY WOMEN ARE ON THE STREET! To show that we are strong and we have a voice! We will not hide and accept discrimination and assault, we will stand up for ourselves and if there is no one to stand up for us in the White House, or any political platform, we will find other ways to make us heard and to make sure we progress towards equality and do not return to a time where women were not even allowed to voice their opinion as they were not supposed to have one.

So to every girl and woman out there, to every person belonging to a minority make sure that you are being heard and to tell people if they are not treating you appropriately because you matter! You are an equal to every other human on the planet! And we all have the same rights!

Lets make the next four years a great time for spreading love and sticking up together to make sure we come out stronger and more united than we were before!

Soo much love,


Katie xx

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