YouTuber of the month – Ebony Day

Hello lovely people,

I promise that I don’t only like female british YouTubers but for some reasons all the male YouTubers I’m watching are well known people such as Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee or Kian Lewly. So I figured writing about them and introduce you guys to them is a bit boring.

I promise I try to find somebody else for next time that is not as known as them.

But back to this months YouTuber of the month: Ebony Day

I first discovered her actually quite a while ago on a James McVey video and then I saw her on channels like Sam King and such. I always found her quite cool but for some strange reasons I never got around to check her out on her own. Until I discovered Sophie Louise. Sophie and Ebony have filmed videos together in the past and when I got into watching Sophie, I also had to check Ebony out. And it’s save to say that I fell in love with her music and her personality.

So for those who don’t know Ebony, Ebony is an English YouTuber who does mainly (or used to do mainly) music covers (definitely check them out on her old account: Ebony Days music and her recent ones, my fav is her ‘the 1975′ cover of ”Somebody Else’) but she also does regular main channel videos such as tags, challenges and beauty kind of videos. On her second channel she also tries to vlog on a regular basis. I especially like her vlogs because they are shorter than your regular vlogs (I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy a 40min vlog of Zoella, not at all). But the good thing with her 6 – 10min vlogs is that they are quick, still uplifting and positive and she still achieves to give us viewer a look in her everyday life. I also like them because you can watch them in between doing something rather then properly sit down and concentrate on the long vlog. And, I think, because they are short you can see how much effort she puts in editing these videos.

As I mentioned before I like that her videos are positive and uplifting but at the same time she seems also very genuine. Recently she had to have an operation which means that she might not be able to get kids one day, although she loves children and would like to have some one day she still managed to bring a positive message within all these things. Some YouTubers would probably not vlog these experiences and talk about, to their own right because it is a very private thing to talk about and everybody can decide themselves what to post and what to leave out, but I personally liked that she talked about it and raised awareness to young female or in general people to listen to your body and if you feel something is wrong go to the doctors and try to find out what it is. Because at the end of the day we all got only one body and we have to take care of this one.

On the other hand I also really enjoy her covers. Although she has kinda that style to slow down the songs, I absolutely digging her style. It just perfectly fits her voice and how she sings. Song like ‘Let me love you’ originally by Justin Bieber, is completely different to the original yet also as beautiful as the original, at least in my opinion. She achieves to bring a lot of emotions to the songs which let you see the songs from a different perspective.

All in all I can only, once again who would have guessed it, say that I’m totally hooked with her videos and every time I see a new video pop up in my description box I have to check it out. So I can only advise you guys to do the same and check Ebony out and fall in love with her as much as I did. 😉

Lots of love,


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