Winter essentials

Hello you lovely people,

I’m sooo so sorry I haven’t written anything in such a long time but everything was quite chaotic and University stepped up 10 more levels up so it’s safe to say that I barely have any free time. Anyways, now I’m back and here’s another rant from me.

I woke up this lovely morning, thinking that this week is going to be better than last week and what to I see when I opened my curtains? It was snowing!! Whyyyyy???

As you could have guessed, I hate snow and everything that has to do with it! I hate the cold and I can’t walk for shit when there is snow.

So here are a few winter essentials from me to you to survive the cold and winter:

1. Scarves and warm hats

Picture Source

When it gets only the tiniest bit colder you barely will see me leaving the house without at least a scarf. I love scarves especially the big ones that are basically blankets and you can snuggle in them. I get cold very easily and it’s the best when you sit in a lecture, you get cold, don’t want to put on your coat so you can put around you your comfy scarf. Hats, especially bubble hats are an essential for me as well. If my neck feels warm that’s good but a lot of head from your body also gets lost from your head. So put a big, snugly and cute one on, which does not only look cute but also keeps your head and your ears warm.

2. Hot beverages

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No matter if you’re a coffee, hot chocolate or tea lover, having a warm drink your hand when it’s absolute freezing is a blessing. But it doesn’t always need to be the typical three drinks. Starbucks and co make awesome winter drinks and I can only recommend to try as many as possible before they disappear again. In Germany we drink something like Glühwein or Kinderpunsch on the Christmas markets and I tell you if you can get your hand on this, or you want to make them yourself, go and do so! It’s totally worth it! For me it’s one of the best things in the winter time. Also, don’t worry, it’s super easy and I would say everybody can do it, just google a recipe and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of them.

3. Gloves

Picture Source

Never, I repeat, Never leave your house without gloves!!!!! You never know when you need them. What I do, is I always have a pair in my pocket of my winter coat. So no matter which bag I’m taking with me I always have a pair of gloves with me. I’m sure everyone knows the feeling, when you have a walk and your hands feel like there are actually no hands anymore and they turn blue already. This walk could just be from the bus station to your home or just to the shop around the corner. For some reasons hands, my do anyway, decide to go absolute cold and it’s the worst when you get into a house or shop and your hands defrost again…

4. Lip balm

Picture Source

I don’t know about you but as soon as it gets cold my lips decide to go totally nuts and chip like crazy. So to make sure it doesn’t get too crazy I always have some lip balm in all my bags (yes you can call me crazy) so no matter where I am and I have the feeling my lips are killing me because of the cold I can always put on some. Also there are pretty good ones out there with some Christmas flavours, so hello, isn’t this an argument in it’s own to have a lip balm always in reach? 😛

5. Moisturise


Picture Source

Same as with the point before, my skin gets super dry in the winter so moisturising is an absolute must! It’s nothing worse than dry skin. Not for you to touch nor for your skin. Always protect your skin and make sure it’s hydrated!

6. Layering up


Picture Source

This one is a pretty basic one but gosh it’s one of the things that get me through this cold weather. As I mentioned before I’m absolute not good with the cold so when I step outside I always need to have my biggest, comfiest and warmest clothes on. Only problem: when I get inside, then I’m absolute boiling because I obviously have too thick clothes on. So what I do, I get prepared against the cold outside when I put on quite a few layers, but once I’m inside I take off 1 or 2 layers. And in case I get cold whilst I’m inside I still can wrap myself up in my scarf or put back on another layer.

7. The Christmas spirit


Picture Source

First things first: I bloody love Christmas! So there’s no wonder that the one of the only things that make me look forward in the winter time is Christmas. Call me crazy but I already put up some Christmas decoration in my flat and listened to Christmas songs. And if I would be allowed to eat sweets you could bet on that I already would have eaten Christmas themes sweets. So what this has to do with my winter essentials: Always think of the positive sides of this (or any other) season. For me it’s Christmas but maybe you like the snow (even though you must be crazy for that :P), or you like the prospect that a new year starts very soon, or you like the activities you can do in winter such as baking Christmas cookies, ice skating, snowboarding, skiing or whatnot. Every season has something good and you have the find the one thing you absolute love and remind yourself about these things. You will see once you found it it’s not as bad any more!

8. Friends


Picture Source

Okay, you should have friends all year round but what I mean with that is that said activities, in the point before, you can do with your friends. No matter if you meet for some ice skating, snowboarding, skiing or you meet in your flat and you bake together or you just sit together with a nice warm drink in your hand and you snuggle up on the couch. In winter you can do some pretty cool stuff with your friends, so force them to do so with you! You can even do things like secret Santa or plan a New Years Eve party. This things are super fun!


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