How to survive autumn/fall

Hey everyone,

sorry for not posting last week, but yeah life is happening. As I’m struggling with missing summer and permanently having a cold recently, I thought I’d share some strategies how to deal with this wonderful season.

As you probably won’t like to go out when it’s all rainy and cloudy outside, you’ll need some good occupation for inside. I mean yeah you might have already spent all summer watching netflix (don’t even deny it), so how about getting the old boardgames out and beat your brother/sister/boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever in Monopoly or something else fun. Of course you’ll need the perfect drinks for that. One of the few advantages of autumn is that you can finally drink as much tea and hot chocolate as you want without dying from all the heat.Also mulled wine season is about to start, aren’t we all excited. Another thing it’s finally cold enough for is baggy, cuddly knitted Jumpers and warm cuddly socks. In these clothes it’s awesome to read a lot to forget cold, foggy November ooooor turn the music up and jump around (yes I know that’s my cure for everything). Recently I seem to like Oldies, because for me they just seem to fit for autumn. I can’t stop listening to Everlasting love by Love Affair or I want you to want me by Cheap Trick. They just have such a positive vibe that makes you forget about the cold. I would also advice you to get some nice lamps or fairylights. They give the room a nice light when it gets darker and aren’t as bright as the main light. Also make yourself a nice breakfast in the morning/ Snack in the evening, that’ll help you over the fact , that you leave in the darkness and come home in the darkness.Prefarably Halloween ssweeties or something with melted cheese. And if you really dare to go ouside in your free time, how about you take some Pictures of all the colourful trees or you walk through the leaves and try to make a melody. Okay yes I admit there are some good things about autumn.

This was short, sorry, but I have to get back to my very important work ( okay Netflix)

Hope you have a good November.

Alli xx

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