An Apology (That thing about having a writers block…)

Dear Blog readers, dear everyone else,

I was basically non-existent on this blog for at least a month, maybe two and I wanted to say sorry for that. I’ve been really stressed out living in a new place, making friends, catching up with university and that made me kind of have a writers block.
I still have a writers block but I wanted to make sure you knew about it! I also owe the girls and apology for really letting them down.
Right now I’m at a stage where I cannot find time to really do anything apart from uni work. I am constantly in the library and it really stresses me out. Thing is, I just don’t have time thinking about topics that I think would interest you.
BUT! I am trying to make you a promise. I’ll work hard on my uni stuff but I will also try and commit to this blog, to my youtube channel and to my Instagram account again. These things are fun to me and I WANT to do it, but I also want to make my mental health a priority and my heads been a bit crazy during the past month. I just prescribed myself a 2 week holiday and I am back and better than ever. Sometimes it’s important to listen to your body and your mind and just take a break and hopefully it will help me out of my writers block.
I didn’t want to leave this blogpost without any advice or content so here are 7 things that lead to a writers blog and how to get out of it…so it’s more like what you can do to avoid getting stressed about essays and that kinda stuff but it doesn’t sound as important…:D ENJOY!

The wondrous, extraordinary, mind-blowing stages of writers block:

1.Your head is empty

So when the writers block starts kicking in, your head just stays as empty as the word file you’re working on. It starts off by thinking you just need a break so you’ll make yourself a cup of tea, if that doesn’t help, you’ll tell yourself you just need a nap or watch an episode of Downton Abbey to then realize you finished 2 seasons and are full on hysterically crying cause someone died (I won’t tell you who died, in case you haven’t watched it yet…it’s such a good show!). All of a sudden the day is already over, you ate a whole jar of Nutella and look like Cruella DeVille in her menopause.

2. The pressure starts

Stage two will probably start a couple of days after your failure to complete an assignment, an essay or a blogpost. You will wake up early, be really determined to start and so you do. You write about 500 words until you realize that what you’ve written doesn’t make any sense whatsoever so you’ll delete it all, promising yourself that better research will make the situation better. Therefore, you set off on an adventure to the library. tumblr_myqlaboirp1s4ip2qo1_500WOOHOO! You conquer your way through millions of bookshelves to then be so proud of yourself for finding that one book that has everything you need and then…never finishing it. If you’re lucky you’ll half heartedly flip through it, only look for quotes that look like you’ve read the book when in reality you didn’t.

3. Denial

At this stage there is no turning back. You abandoned your social life – actually your life in general – you stopped caring, you started googling “farms for sale“, informed yourself about how to breed huskies and how to build sleighs to then check on the next flight to Canada – Not talking about my own experience in any way. tumblr_o12aeqyunp1tl7h9yo1_500You will deny you ever took any seminar, or that you have a blog at all and you will tell yourself there are more important things after all…your blog doesn’t really exist. It is some numbers somewhere inside the system of technology. It is not even real, because if you cannot see it, how can you be sure it is there? What even is there? Is it real? Are you real? Who knows, as far as I’m concerned I could be some laboratory experiment and they implanted everything I know about my world into my head… maybe I live in a matrix, maybe I’m part of a dream and it’s all about inception.

4. Accept you failed at life

Basically the end of everything. You accept your failure, you surrender.


(I have a thing for cheesy gifs, so let me have some fun..taken from tumblr)

*Insert drum roll and dramatic X-factor announcement voice* Now you wanna know how to turn your life back around? Then read on!

5. Allow yourself an actual actual break! Not a procrastination break

Seriously, sometimes you just need to get away from everything and breathe some fresh air. Whether you just take a walk through the forest or by the ocean or get away for a couple of days. It will clear your head and give you a new perspective on things. Who knows, maybe inspiration will come to you when you’re enjoying a nice cup of tea in one of the cute cafes in your town you never got a chance to go to.

6. Take away the pressure

This is the hardest part if you ask me. How are you supposed to not put yourself under pressure when you have to hand in an assignment in 2 days. But creativity cannot flow if you’re under pressure, it just won’t work. Try getting a new perspective on things. Maybe change your approach on the topic you’re writing on – make it more interesting for you.
You’ll be fine but not if you keep telling yourself how dumb you are for not being able to write an essay.

7. If it’s not helping ask someone for help

There’s nothing wrong with admitting to people that you need help. In fact, it will give you an excuse to meet a friend and discuss what you want to write about. It seriously helps to get your topic sorted out and if you can explain your essay to others you’ll be able to understand it. They might help you by recommending sources or just be there as mental support! Don’t let them write for you though…would be kinda mean.

There you go! Writers block isn’t all that bad after all. It gave me an excuse to write about it so that’s something. Let’s hope genius strikes me and my head lets me write something for next Friday. If you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to message me on our social media!

Lili xx

Instgram: @castawayminds
Twitter: @castway_minds

PS.: To cheer you up, here’s this super cute gif of Charmander eating a Marshmallow and if that doesn’t count as and Apology I don’t know what does


Someone on tumblr made this! But I forgot who…


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