Types of friends you might have at Uni

Hey guys ,

New Semester has started this week for me, so I thought I’d write something about one of the most important aspects of Uni life : friends . Because yeah friends are the best thing ever and without them life would be sad. So here are some different types of friendships you might find yourself having when you go to a University or College or whatever.

  1. The Uni Bestie

Your other half at Uni. You might have another friend you’ve known before and are forever best friends, or your Uni bestie is actually your very best friend over all, but at Uni nobody will top them.You two stick together whereever you go, hang out after Uni, go to Sports Clubs or Societies together and try to get into the same courses, so you can also study together. You can talk to them about everything from love trouble to what your old friends from School did to problems with your coursework. They’re just the best and you couldn’t be without them. Most likely your friendship will last long after you’ve done your degree.

2. The drinking Buddy

You’ll probably hardly ever stay sober with this friend. All you do is go out drinking and even if you just want to go for a quick drink things will escalate quickly and you’ll probably end up going home at 5am completely wasted. Nights out are always good fun with this friend, you have experienced the most legendary stuff together and they’re the one who set you up with all the people you met while partying. There are many times you lead deep drunken conversation from how much you hate your life right now to if they think your boobs are weirdly shaped. You can always rely on them to help you get home when you’re to drunk and hold your hair back if you need to throw up. Of course the can be an amazing friend during the daytime as well.

3. The course neighbour

Sometimes it’s just fate and you get along really well with the Person you sit next to in a certain course so you end up sitting together every time. You’ll start keeping them a seat and you have their number. You probably wont text them unless you Need the notes from the last lesson or something but still. They make boring courses super funny and you probably don’t really know what the prof is talking about most of the time because you’re too busy chatting. Of course real friendships can develop this way, but lots of times it just lasts as long as the course you had together. You’ll still say hi when you see each other on Campus but ultimately it will fade away.

4. The flatmate

Yep if you’re sharing a flat, it’s always better if you get along with your flatmates. The can be everything from the People you go out with, to the People you just occasionally make dinner and Play boardgames with , to your very best friends. Of course there will be lots of trouble, like disagreements over household duties or just being pissed off by each other because you see them all the time. Good flatmates can sort that Kind of stuff out though and become really good friends.

5. The Society/ Sports Club friends

It’s really easy to find friends in a Club, as People there will have the same interests as you . It’s probably more than one friend, because you always see each other as a group and you most likely will end up doing things as a group all the time. Sometimes these Groups only hang out together at the Club they’re in together or after, sometimes real squads develop who also meet outside Uni. I’d definitely suggest joining a Club or soc if you want to meet new people.

6. The first Semester friend

The friend you make in the first few days at Uni on the Basis that you’re both new and friendless. Of course it won’t always be a perfect match  ( unlike me, the first person I talked to became my bestie). You probably hang out together a few times, but you might be pretty different characters and you both make friends in other courses who fit better, so you Kind of grow apart after the first few months. You might still meet up later because you don’t really want to let it fade away as you still like them and they were a huge help getting through those first weeks, but it probably wont last that Long.

Yeah of course there are mixtures and waaaaayyyy more different kinds of friendships but that’s it for  now

Have a great day

Alli xx



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