October favourites

1. Wrapping up

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As weird as it sounds one if my favourite things to do in this season is to wrap up in warm clothes. Don’t get me wrong I totally hate winter and cold temperatures but I love that I’m able to layer up. Top, Jumper, Jacket, a scarf which is basically a blanket, a bubble head, cloves and all these things. I just love them. So despite me hating cold temperatures and especially snow this is a thing I have been loving since it got colder. Okay it also could be that I’m always cold and now I have an excuse to dress up like it’s -40 degrees. 🙂 Although I also have to say that the week I have been at Katie’s this month it wasn’t fun to walk around oninon-style because everybody took the mickey out of me and asked if I’m alright for walking around dressed like this.


2. Friends

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I know this sounds odd but this month it really showed me how important your friends are in life. To be honest with you guys I haven’t had the best summer because of personal reasons and basically the only reason I actually stood up in the morning, and not stayed in bed, were my friends. They always made sure to write me lovely message and tried to cheer me up. You always know that friends are important and you never should take them for granted but this summer life showed me what it really means with this phrase. And I know that these people who I mean in particular usually read my blog posts (and in case the other 3 girls aren’t reading this I’m mad at you for not reading my blog posts! :D), so thank you my love you’re awesome and I love you! Thank you for keeping up with my shit! ❤


3. Driving

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Damn, this month is a weird concoction of things I have loved and I can assure you it won’t get better. So yeah I loved driving this month. I had my driver license for almost 5 years but because my family always only had like big family cars I always was scared to drive. Like come on, you can’t sit a 5’3 ft girl in a massive family car, of course I won’t see a single thing! But apparently my father never understood that and pushed me into driving which, obviously, made me hate driving even more. But when I came home for my summer holidays my mum got her own little car which is exactly to the size of my liking. Its small and you easily can see everything of it even when you’re a miniature like I am. Since I had to drive to work basically everyday I start enjoying it. I used every opportunity to be able to drive somewhere. I even took the last chance to drive myself to the train station when I went back to Uni so I can make the most of it.

So you can see, sometimes you’re scared of something but once you tried it or you got around something it isn’t even as bad as you thought it is. I, now bloody love driving and if I could I would steal my mums car and drive around with it everyday!


4. Scotland


As I have already mentioned I went to see Katie for a week at the end of September and I loved it there, I basically didn’t want to leave any more. I already have been to Edinburgh once, everybody who has been there – what a god them beautiful city right?, but this time I went to Katie’s University with her and for a concert we went to Glasgow. First of all the scenery in Scotland is just breathtaking. Like how can a country be sooo unbelievably beautiful? I also, obviously, met friends of Katie and my oh my why are they sooo much nice then Germans – sorry no offence but it’s the truth… Like everybody was extremely welcoming and made me feel home right away. As you could have known from my blog post on Monday I’m quite a shy person so it isn’t easy to meet new people and feel comfortable around people, but I immediately did with them. It felt good to be somewhere where you aren’t judged for everything you do, or how you look, or what you wear, it was nice to just be me for a change without needing to worry what the others might think of me. I met people who play a sport for which you would be laughed at in my Uni and they took it as a normal thing to do. They tried to incorporate me in everything they did, which I know for a fact this wouldn’t happen where I’m from. And nobody looked weirdly at Katie or me for fangirling over Marianas Trench, whom we saw. They were happy and excited for us.

A lot of times I just wished it would be everywhere like this. A place where you don’t have to worry about who you want to be and what you do. People just accept you for who you are.

This took a dark turn, I’m sorry, but these are just my thought… I loved Scotland and I’m sure that as soon as I have the money for the flight together, Katie I’m coming for you again! 😛


5. Electronic free time

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This might sound weird, especially from someone who studies media, but lately I have loved to put aside my laptop, turn my phone on flight mode and just have some me-time. It doesn’t matter if this means I had a right pamper season or I just sat down and watched a chick-flick film or read a teeny book (and yes, I’m almost 22 and it’s still cool to watch/read this kind of things! Nothing against a good old High School Musical, Camp Rock, Mean Girls, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls or whatever season!). Don’t get me wrong I did these things before as well but lately I consciously put away my phone and I’m not checking on it every other minute. I find it very relaxing to know that I don’t have to care about the world or others for like 2 hours for a change. You definitely should try it yourself. Don’t look at your phone for the whole film or set yourself a timer to read for a certain time without checking on your new messages, Intagram pictures, Snapchat stories and new Tweets.


I guess 5 absolute weird and random facts for this month should be enough. Sorry if it isn’t you usual box standard favourites but that’s what I have been loving this past month and I hope you don’t think I’m a total weirdo for liking weird things like this.

I hope you have an awesome week and we will catch you hopefully very soon.

P.S. Here are also the links to other places where you can find us:

Twitter: @castaway_minds

Instagram: @castawayminds


Lots of love,

Jenny xxx


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