Best new punk albums

Hey guys,

GREEN DAY IS BACK and this is not a drill !! Their new album Revolution Radio has been out for a week and it’s not the only band who’s been gone for a while to release an album. I’m gonna tell you about the other ones in this blogpost.THE EXCITEMENT IS REAL, PEOPLE !!

Green Day- Revolution Radio

So after releasing the three albums Uno, Dos and Tres 4 years ago it became kind of quiet around the punk band from California. Revolution Radio came out on the 7th of October this year and the sound is in my opinion similar to the three albums before. I still really like it, it’s more pop and mainstream than their earlier music but still sort of punk and edgy. Billie Joe Armstrong’s significant voice still sounds as awesome as always. There are some rockier Songs (Bang Bang, Revolution Radio) and some quieter songs ( Ordinary World). It’s a really good mix and you should definitely check it out. Drummer Tre Cool, Bassist Mike Dirnt and Guitarist and Singer Billie Joe Armstrong still got it.

Sum 41 – 13 Voices

This great album came out on the same day as Revolution Radio and is equally awesome !! There are 10 songs of pure punk greatness on it. 5 years since their last album Screaming Bloody Murder was definitely a long wait, but now the five piece from Ajax (Canada ) is back and they sound better than ever !! Very high energy and very punk rock. My personal favourite on the album is War which is more on the emotional side.  Derrycks Voice is still equally great and gives every song this Special Sum 41 touch. You’re missing something if you don’t listen to it.

Good Charlotte – Youth Authority

This one has been out for a bit longer the 15th of July to be exact. It had been 6 years without any new releases of the band from Maryland ,so us fans were in desperate need for more.And we weren’t disappointed. There are 12 new amazing songs on the album. They sound fresh but still have the familiar Good Charlotte tune. In my opinion they sound more positive, but still punk with some electronic touches. They have songs featuring other artists, Kellin Quinn and Simon Neil and Sound great with them. My personal favourite is The Outfield, Life Changes  and 40 oz.dream. But listen to it and form your own opinion.

Yellowcard – Yellowcard

It hasn’t been that long since we heard from them “only” two years , but they released an other great album on the 30th of September. They sound as awesome as before. There are 10 great pop punk songs on it, which tend to be a bit towards alternative rock. Anyway if you like their other stuff you’ll definitely love it. My favourite from the album is Empty Street.

anywayyy we have lots of good music again so check it out and enjoy.

Lots of love





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