Vegans vs Meateaters

Hey guys,

todays blogpost is about an issue that’s been pissing me off for a long time. I’m talking about that constant fight between meateaters and vegans. As a vegetarian I’m kind of standing between the lines and get comments from both sides. So I wrote to letters to them. Of course not all people are as I’m describing them in the letters but there are lots. So please don’t be offended.

Dear Meateaters,

Can I just ask what Vegans have done to you ? Did they maybe kill your dog? Well as they are agains any cruelty towards animals, I doubt it. So then why don’t you like them? Why do you feel the need to constantly make fun of them? Whenever I tell one of you that I’m a vegetarian I’m scared you’ll make fun of me. Again. Sometimes you just get awkward and ask me in this weird voice why I’m doing that. Some of you say almost apologetically: well I hardly ever eat meat anyway. That’s the nice answers. Sometimes I just get eye rolling and groaning. And then there’s the sentence: “Well at least you’re not a vegan“. Oh really ?? What if I was ? Would you not want to know me anymore ? It doesn’t make you a different person if you’re vegan. They are not some weird freaks, they’re people like you and me. And yes you don’t have to be worried they get all their protein. So what do you have against them ? You might say it’s because you’re sceptical towards people who live differently. I think it’s the fact that they sometimes make you think , they’re more disciplined than you or you actually know that they’re doing a good thing. But that’s fine, as long as you let them do their thing, they’ll probably leave you alone and won’t discuss with you as well. Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone was the same ? So maybe think about the way you behave and what you say the next time someone tells you they’re vegetarian or vegan. They most likely won’t eat you.

Dear Vegans,

First of all I want to let you know that I think you’re leading a wonderful lifestyle and I really admire you because I guess it must take quite some strength and discipline. You’re doing a good thing I’m not even gonna pretend you’re not. But here’s the thing. Not everyone wants to be like you. There are even people who can’t live like you. Being able to live vegan is a privilege have you ever thought about it this way ? Some people have so many food allergies, that they don’t have many options left. Other’s just can’t go vegan because they get sick from missing certain vitamins. Then there’s the problem that most vegan products are super pricey, so for example I as a student can’t afford a vegan lifestyle. Also some people just don’t like the taste of the majority of vegan products and you can’t expect from them to give up their living quality. So please stop to try and convonce everyone to go Vegan, stop making people feel bad for how they live, then it would be so much easier for others to accept your lifestyle. We can’t all safe the world the same way. Of course it’s good to stand for what you believe in and you have every right to defend yourself, but you have to learn when to let go and leave people alone. Let people make their own choices. I think you’ll have it much easier.

Love you all




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