This week I have returned to Uni and let’s just put it that way: I am mildly excited to be back! Like I am so excited for my classes and yes I do realise that makes me sound like a geek, but I honestly just love my degree. With the new Uni year for me there are almost as many New Year’s Resolutions as on the 1st of January such as you know eat healthy, study a lot, go to the gym etc., like your standard thing. As a politics students I have added some others to the list as I have talked to friends about it and these two resolutions are hopefully going to become habits soon. The first resolution is to watch the news every day. I mean how hard can it be right, 15 minutes and it’s done, I tried it last year and sometimes I simply forgot a lot of times, but this year I am going to attempt it again, because duh I am a politics student, plus I think everyone should get their daily intake of what is happening in the world and with that I don’t just mean being up to date with all new puppy videos they are, which to be honest I always have a look at too. The second resolution is the reason for this blog post. It is about watching a less than 20 minute video on TED or TEDx. What is that? I am glad you asked.

TED is a website that uploads videos of people doing talks about something that is their field of expertise. It originally started as a conference in 1984, but it became a regular event every year in 1990 and has since then grown and spread. It started as a conference for Technology, Entertainment and Design but now it covers 394 topics (yes I counted them myself) so you can be sure for there to be something that you find interesting or something that you have never heard about but may find interesting if you give it a chance. It also doesn’t matter which language you speak because there are subtitles for most videos in over 100 languages. The aim of the organisation is to be able to “make great ideas accessible and spark conversation” (https://www.ted.com/about/our-organization) so yay it’s free, at least online. They post a new video every day of a speech that has been held in recent time or at one of the conferences. There is for once the annual TED conference, there is the TEDGlobal Conference, the TEDWomen conference with a focus on female empowerment and a TEDYouth Conference that is aimed at middle to high school students. In addition to the official TED Talks there are also TEDx Events that are independent events which are organised which have a free license from TED to hold them. All these videos are uploaded and shared as well.

The first time I came across TED talks in any form was actually on facebook when people were sharing the video of Lizzie Velasquez who has been named the ugliest woman alive. She held an inspiring speech on how she defines herself and how she struggles with a syndrome that only two other people have in the world.

After this I sadly forgot about the side again, but a friend of mine actually reminded me on its existence and his plan to watch one video a day from them. So I thought, sure why not! I am attempting to watch a 15 minute video a day, so I can surely add a second one and it’s great. Luckily though there is a random video button, because there are so many choices and I want to branch out in what I know about so maybe a talk about the universe or archaeology might spark a completely new field of interest for me.

Anyways I am off to do just that. Watch a video and keep up with my resolutions on Day 2 (I know it’s impressive). To everyone starting Uni, I hope you enjoy every minute of it and to all the returning students: I hope you don’t have too much work yet. Lots of Love,


Check Out TED Talks on their Website

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