New Releases in the music world

Every time I have turned on the radio last week everybody was talking about the new mega releases artist have, so I thought, what better do than write about it and talk about some of them.

1. Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion

How could I start this list without putting the queen herself first? After what felt like years the queen of pop has released a new song, finally for all the little monsters taste.

So far I’ve only listened to it once this afternoon when I drove home from grocery shopping and I have to say, although it’s a bit different to her last album, you clearly can hear the Lady Gaga edge to it.


2. Green Day – Revolution Radio

After what felt like centuries Green Day are finally back with a new song (gosh, punk/rock fans are blessed, with the new Blink 182 album, Good Charlotte Album and now this) which is the first ssingle off of the same titeled album which will be out on the 7th October. So far I haven’t heard it, I know how dare I, but as everything Green Day does it can only be amazing and a right treat for every Green Day fan or people who enjoy this kind of music.

green-day-revolutionPicture Source

3. Kings of Leon – Waste a Moment

Once again, Kings of Leon must have put out music years ago. Surly everybody remembers iconic songs like ‘Sex On Fire’ or ‘Use Somebody’. I don’t think I’m exhilarating when I’m saying that surely everybody must be exciting to hear new stuff by them playing on the radio.

7d046a09a8911d0713af7e3e312e06ec-1000x1000x1Picture Source

4. Mac Miller ft. Ariana Grande– My Favourite Part

Do I even have to say anything about this song? Every song Ariana Grande is on is a smasher and I’m sure this song isn’t different. This girl could touch poop and it would turn into gold. With this incredible voice this isn’t any wonder, isn’t it?

1473425266_9519f044527814dd89c2b7662530da5cPicture Source

5. Post Malone ft. Justin Bieber – Deja Vu

Every Belieber hold on to your seats. If you are like me and not quite over JB’s last hits ‘Cold Water’ and ‘Let Me Love You’ you must be very strong now. Here he is with a new feature. As we all know since his little break and he came out with his album ‘Purpose’ full of hits, he’s doing incredibly well. Can’t really be a bad song with him on it at the moment, can it?

post-malone-justin-bieberPicture Source

6. One Republic – Future Looks Good

After ‘Kids’ and ‘Wherever I Go’ ‘Future Looks Good’ is One Republic’s new smashing hit off of their upcoming album ‘Oh My My’ (which is coming out on the 7th October by the way). Since the last two songs were super successful all around the world, there is basically no way this song won’t be a hit either. With a front man named Ryan Tedder there is nothing different to expect, really.

onerepublic-future-looks-good-stream-download-lyricsPicture Source

7. Sia – The Greatest

Don’t think I have forgotten Sia, nono, I haven’t. How could I forget her? As I read online Sia fans are on the edge of their seat from excitement since she released her new single. But could you expect something different from her? I’m sure ‘The Greatest’ will be as successful as her other songs in the past. Hair like this must produce great songs.

978a751aae9b75bfabc8aed93f88e440-1000x1000x1Picture Source

8. Melanie C – Anymore

Spice Girls fans be prepared, Mel C herself released a new song. I guess I’m not the only one who will listening to this song with a following celebratory Spice Girl dance party, right?

melanie-c-debuts-anymore-music-videoPicture Source

9. James Arthur – Say You Won’t Let Go

You remember James Arthur? The absolute talent who won the British X-factor back in 2012 and had his massive break-through with his incredible single ‘Impossible’. He is back with a new song. I personally couldn’t be more exciting because I think he has an incredible voice plus is an amazing artist and I could listen to him even sing about poop and I would buy it.

james-arthur-e28093-say-you-wone28099t-let-go-single-2016Picture Source

10. Busted – Coming Home

Every Busted song is amazing and takes me right back to when I was little/ an early teen, so when I read that they’re bringing out a new song I couldn’t wait to hear it. Definitely check them out if you haven’t yet.

coming_home_-_single_busted_album_artworkPicture Source

Of course they have been more releases this week, but I thought 10 would be enough for today. If you want us write more about music like this let us know and we’re sure to do so because we’re all great music lovers with similar but yet different music tastes.

Lots of love,

Jenny xxx.


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