Wedding Don’ts

Hey lovelies,

I was at the first Wedding since I was like 5 last weekend and it was amazing, I enjoyed it so much. As I think I know everything about weddings now (Caution: Sarcasm !!) I thought I’d write a little sometimes not too serious blogpost about dos and don’ts at a wedding. Enjoy !!

When you’re the bride/groom:

  1. Don’t feel forced to do what you think a wedding has to be like or what your parents orother relatives want you to do ! Do your own thing, it’s your day and YOU have to enjoy it.
  2. Don’t try to constantly please everyone, because to be honest: YOU WON’T
  3. Don’t wear something you don’t feel like yourself in. Of course you wear special clothes, but if you feel uncomfortable wearing a white dress wear a colourful one instead or if your future partner really wants you to wear a suit, but you hate them, just try and find a more casual one. After all your future better half will marry you anyway and that’s what counts.
  4. Don’t forget your future spouse’s name in front of the altar.
  5. Don’t give the rings to a three year old who’ll eat them or fall over and cry on the way to the altar. Let a dog carry them in they’re always the better choice in my opinion.
  7. Don’t have a laugh when the priest/ the person who marries you makes a mistake in his speech . Even though it’s pretty funny sometimes.
  8. Don’t let the most teary emotional person you know hold a speech. Seriously for the sake of all guests, please don’t.
  9. Don’t stuff cake in your mouth right after you’ve formally cut it. I’m pretty sure youre supposed to selflessly feed your new spouse first. I know, I know, you probably haven’t eaten all day, but still it won’t look good on the pictures if you’ve got half eaten cake in your hamster cheeks and chocolate all over your outfit.
  10. Don’t force anyone to dance. If Uncle Rudolf doesn’t want to dance Foxtrott with you, he doesn’t want to. Little pushes to get people out of their comfort zone are okay, but don’t exaggerate and come by every 5 mintutes asking to join you on the dancefloor. Maybe Uncle Rudolf’s knee still hurts from his surgery last month. So stop being annoying.

When you’re a guest:

  1. Don’t wear white !!!!! I don’t know if you’ve heard but on a wedding there’s ofgten an other person, who should be the oly one wearing white. Who was that again ? Oh yeah the BRIDE. And she’s a bit more important than you, at least on that day. So choose an other colour or the wedding police will come and arrest you.
  2. Reply to an invitation !! I’ve never planned a wedding, but I can imagine that it’s stressful enough without Greatauntie Marge unexpectedly showing up and expecting a meal as well.
  3. Don’t forget to buy a present !! Even if the invitation says no presents, bring something little or just money, I’m sure they still expect it.
  4. Don’t shout out “boriiiiing“ during the ceremony (Even though it sometimes can get kinda boring I admit)
  5. Don’t answer the question if someone has a reason against the marriage. Or confess your love for one of the people getting married. It might not quite be the right moment.
  6. Don’t -I repeat- DON’T hit your Champagne glass and scream “ Kiss !! We want to see you kiss“ every 5 minutes. They want to eat as well and have time to kiss for the rest of their life without brats like you watching so stop you’re annoying everyone.
  7. Don’t get upset if they can’t talk to you all the time, you might be surprised but they didn’t throw this party just for you,there are other guests.
  8. Don’t read out a super embarassing personalized poem about the newly weds or do something else super cheesy like starting a polonese unless you want me to poison you dessert.
  9. Don’t ask Singles when it’ll be their big day all the time or they might start doing the same thing to you, but at funerals.
  10. Don’t drink and drive !!

Yeah that was it already.I hope I can go to another wedding soon, because even though I might be the least romantic person ever, I’m obsessed with them.

Have a great day!!

Love, Alli xx

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