Being a Tourist at Home

So first of all the post is sadly a Little bit late, but that’s because I currently have a visitor from uni and we are basically always on the move.
So I wanted to talk about something that we are doing at the moment, or more what I am doing because it is basically being a tourist at home, which in all honesty is a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
I mean I have been to most places we are going to in the past but then again I haven’t been to many places in a long, long time just because I moved away three years ago, so seeing how things have changed is quite cool.
So here are my tips for being a tourist at home:

Don’t think it’s boring:

When I first started planning what we could do while my friend is here, I struggled to think of things that could be that interesting. I felt like it was even harder because it needed to be things that a person who doesn’t speak German would understand and for some reason I thought that would make things difficult, so far however it hasn’t!

Eat traditional food/ Drink traditional drinks:

What I have been trying to do is to go for food at places that either mean something to me, or something that I think is also underestimated, I have been to places that serve traditional dishes from my Region, so Things that my grandparents would cook, but that many of us don’t anymore because it is a lot of work or in my case way too much meat for my liking, but when I went there it was actually quite cool, although it felt a bit weird to eat “Grandma’s own” in a restaurant.
As for drinks, where I am from we have a lot of different types of beer and I am making my friend try them all. So far we haven’t had the same thing twice.

Show landmarks that you forgot about because they are just there:

For me those have been parks that were made to integrate old industrial sides, like old cold mines. For someone who is not from your region the things that seem ordinary to you may be something they have never seen in that way and they will enjoy it an be fascinated by it.

Check on the Internet if there is something special going on:

Maybe there is some quirky market, or some open air theatre, you never know, in my case there currently was an attempt to build the biggest sandcastle ever (16 m high). I mean when do you get to see such things and honestly it was super awesome.

Make it personal:

Show places that mean something to you, places that are related to your family history and even the things that your parents always pointed out, but you are now already annoyed by, because they are the Things that make your place, your place.
Also you never know in places you always go there might be something new.

So here are some pictures of our adventure through the Ruhr Area (it pains me to write it like that RUHRGEBIET is what it’s called).

Lots of love,




Landschaftspark Duisburg


16 m Sandcastle


Landschaftspark Duisurg


Church in Düsseldorf


Special Offer: French Toast in my favourite café


Traditional Food and Beer in Düsseldorf


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