Suicide Squad -Expectation vs Reality

Hey guys,

everyone has been all about new DC movie Suicide Squad lately. Not only do we thanks to Harley Quinn and the Joker all know what to wear on Halloween, but also there’s everyone’s favourite model Cara Devilqueen ehhh Delevigne as a freaky witch. Sounds great so far, right. Still there’s a discussion going on wether it’s a good film that deserves the hype or not. As usual I’m a slowcoach and haven’t watched it yet, (It’s not entirely my fault though in Germany we get films super late sometimes) but tonight I’m dragging my little brother into the cinema so I can finally see myself. I thought I could do a little expectation vs reality post about it. So before we leave here’s what I expect from the movie: First of all I hope there will be lots of jokes and selfironic puns, because superhero/antihero films with that kind of humor are what I love. I might be a bit spoilt though because the last superhero movie I saw was deadpool and there’s lots of it. I heard that the storyline isn’t that creative and even a bit boring in the middle part ( my coworker fell asleep watching it), so I don’t expect too much from it. I’m really looking forward to meeting all the crazy looking characters though. They seem to have lots of potential for surprises and character development and I hope they aren’t portrayed too stereotyped. I also really like the actors, geniuses like Will Smith and Margo Robbie, who I really admired in the Wolf of Wall Street. Then I’m a huge Cara Delevigne fan, so every time she shows up I’ll probably just stare at her in awe. I also think I’ll love Harley Quinn, because she seems like a badass female character and I’m always here for that. Okay but now I’m off to watch it.

Soo I’m back and ready to write down my opinion about the film. I got Nachos so I was in a pretty good mood before watching it, but I have to say it still kind of disappointed me. At first I want to quickly tell you about the storyline: Superman is dead and the government is scared there might be a new superpower coming , that might be a threat.So thzey recruit some of the most evil villains and make them work for them. Of course there is danger coming up, an old witch who took the body of a young archeologist and now wants to take control of the worls ( you know the usual). The baddies have to fight against her without even knowing what’s going on.

It was much darker and scarier, than I expected it t be and I don’t particularly like that kind of mood in a film. My brother, the expert, said all DC films are kind of dark though and I’m just not used to it because I only ever watch Marvel films, which are more lighthearted. Well if he says that I guess it’s true. So there also weren’t as many jokes as I hoped there’d be, only Harley joked areound or said some memorable phrases sometimes. Earlier I wrote that I hope they don’t use that many stereotypes, but my wish wasn’t fulfilled. The characters were pretty plain and standard, there’s the guy who’s biggest “weakness“ is the love for his daughter, the guy who’s afraid of his power, but gets over it and the calm, ugly guy with a good heart. We’ve all seen that a thousand times and I think they could have made more out of the characters. Harley Quinn, who I thought would be my favourite character, is in my opinion, a bit better than the rest, because she isn’t as predictable as she’s totally nuts. At least at the beginning towards the end she gets more and more „normal“. They should have kept her on the level of crazyness, she was on first. I also have to say that I didn’t quite get her realtionship with the joker. I don’t want to say to much, but already how they got together seems completely unrealistic ( yeah I know the whole film is, but I mean in a way that it doesn’t make sense to me). Margot Robbie was awesome though, I guess it must have been great fun to play Harley. In general the great actors like, Will Smith, Jared Leto and Cara Delevigne made up for the flaws of character and script. The storyline was pretty basic in my opinion and didn’t really have a highlight and sometimes you were just wondering why on earth people are doing something. Also there was too much shooting for my liking. I like fighting scenes but not if it’s just wild shooting. Sometimes the film was really exaggerated, like in one scene there was a super long slow motion frequence and you were just like “Okay I got it you’re trying to be dramatic but I’m pretty sure I know what will happen so move on please“. What I really liked about the film was Cara Delevigne.

She played the bad witch and oh boy evil has never been so sexy. Seriously she was awesome, super scary and crazily beautiful at the same time. I might be biased because I have a huge crush on her though. An other thing I liked was the great soundtrack with songs like Heathens and Bohemian Rhapsody. All in all not one of my favourite films , but I would still advise to watch it, as it’s quite good entertainment. Tweet us your opinion on the film if you want on our Twitter @castaway_minds. Hope you’re having a great rest of the day

Love Alli xx

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