Music my parents listened to

We all know it: our parents don’t understand our music taste AT ALL. My Mum for example can’t tell today’s artists apart, she says to her they all sound the same. We actually had arguments about that because she always says my favourite bands sound the same. So I decided to take a closer look at my parents’ CD shelf and see what bands/ artists they used to listen to when they were young and still listen to.

  1. Barbra Streisand

I found three albums of her in the CD shelf. I already knew my mum liked her and I can see why. Barbra Streisand has an exceptional, amazing and recognizable voice. The 78- year old is an all round talent as she’s also an actress and director and even won two Oscars. She’s one of the most succesful singers of her time and definitely deserves it. Her songs are very emotional and her incredible voice makes them very special. I can definitely see why my mum likes her.

  1. Queen

I also know that one and actually really like them, since I saw their musical “We will rock you“. The band has always ruled and they still do, even though it hasn’t been the same since the singer, legend Freddy Mercury died. Today everyone still knows their songs like We will rock you, Bohemian Rhapsody, Under Pressure, We are the Champions, Somebody to love and so many more. The musical is also super successful, which shows that their music is still up to date. A great Rock band and probably one of the few things my mum and I both like.

  1. Genesis

I personally don’t know their music, but my parents really like them and have been to their concert a few years ago. The best known member is probably drummer Phil Collins who also has a solo career and wrote the music for the Tarzan musical. I checked out their music and it’s actually really good stuff. It’s Rock music with a lot of other influences and it’s definitely worth a listen.


  1. The Rolling Stones

An other name everyone knows. It’s also the first concert my mum ever went to. I don’t think I have to say much about the Stones, everyone knows their a great rock band and hipsters still wear their tongue logo on their shirts. Their most famous members are probably Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and the band is one of the commercially most succesful ones in the history of Rock. They actually released a live album this June and I think it’s amazing how they’ve been a band for over 50 years and are still well known.

  1. The Beatles

No words needed. Everyone knows the first british boy band and their most famous songs like Let it be, Yesterday, etc. Remastered versions of their albums recently were added to Spotify, and I think that shows how successful they still are.

  1. Joan Baez

She’s a US Folk Singer and Human Right Activist and my mum adores her. I don’t think many people know her which is a shame, because her songs are really beautiful deep. In her clear voice she sings about peace and injustice. The 75 year old still tours.

These were just a few of the artists my parents like and I think they’re all still great, but personally I probably wouldn’t listen to it. I think every generation needs their own music taste and their own heroes, even though they’re some legends who will remain for centuries. We have to try and not judge our parents music taste, as well as they shouldn’t judge ours. Things change and the music does, too and there is not one better or worse.

Anyway looking and listening into your parents CD shelf is definitely interesting and worth it and you should give it a try.

Have a great day 🙂

Love Alli xx




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