Confict Areas- Libya

Today I want to talk about the next area that is rated as a high risk zone, Libya. If I am honest I was a bit surprised to see Libya up there. I mean I know that it is not a safe and overall harmonic county, but I didn’t think it would have been rated THAT highly. I mean for most of us there probably rings a bell when we hear a combination of the words “Arab Spring”, “Libya and “Gaddafi”. So yeah we know some things about a civil war there but for me it seemed like it had died down a bit after there had been elections, but apparently I was wrong and when I was reading about it I kinda realised that there is a hell of a lot going on. Since 2014the fighting has gotten worse again ad this is now already called the 2nd civil war with up to June 2016 4,715 people killed. So here are some facts about the current conflict in Libya. The two main groups trying to gain control over the country and who already have respective control over some parts of the country, are the government that was elected in 2014 called he “Council of Deputies” and the Islamist government, lead by the Muslim brotherhood (here rang another bell), “General National Congress”. Aside of these two main groups there are some other groups that are involved in the conflict and often swap between the two side. One of these croups is the IS (Islamic State, we have all heard of them before, right?). Both sides have self-declared parliaments and governments and control each a part of the country without recognising the other power as an official government.

One of the major problems Libya faces, besides all the problems that come in hand with a state being in a civil war, is that the instability and violence makes room for groups such as the IS to plan and execute attacks as well as recruiting people to fight for them. These attacks are usually ot only performed within Libya but all over the region and sometimes even further beyond the borders.

Another issue, that has to be mentioned, is that from Libya and through Libya many refugees are trying to get to Europe by boat. According to the Council on foreign Relations in 2015 half a million people tried to escape conflict by boat making their journey to other places. About 75,000 of those made the hard and long journey to Europe.

As it is in the UN’s interest and part of its job to create stability and pace in conflict areas, hey organised peace talks and a government called the “Government of the National Accord was formed with the support by both rivalling sides, despite facing many issues and mistrust. However when this government tried to start governing the “General National Congress” withdrew its acceptance of the government. At the same time, while the governments struggle, the influence of the IS, especially in the city of Site is growing with the amount of the IS fighters in Libya being now estimated to be between 2.00 and 3,000. In itself the government established with the help of the UNN is a good idea, but the issue with that is that the country’s structures are very different to what we know from western countries and I feel like the differences between cultured are often underestimated by politicians and other people who keep saying ‘why don’t they just do it like us?’ What is often forgotten in the ‘modern, western’ countries is that we used to have many revolutions as well, yeas a long time ago but still. It takes time for a country to find its place and I know the situation is different now and yes there needs to be a solution and maybe nowadays we seem to need solutions waaay quicker than they used to be made, but when “forcing” a new government we always need to be people to just do it like us, because if it would be that simple, we wouldn’t have all these conflicts, plus no system is perfect i you look at many current development in the ‘Modern, western , countries’.

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