My Favorite Instagram Accounts – Internet Influencer Edition

Hi there friends,

what are you up to this Friday? I should be studying as I’m writing a statistics exam tomorrow but as you can imagine I gave up, installed Pokemon Go on my iPhone and am currently on the hunt for Pikachus and Jigglypuffs. Someone help me, I think I might be addicted. I will manage to get through the exam somehow I guess so I, of course, have plenty of time to bless you with this lovely blogpost. Yes, I know I was supposed to upload it last week but I’ve actually been studying quite a lot last Friday so this is my apology! Sorry! we can drink tea together and eat biscuits while I write this post and you read it. Deal? Perfect.
Let’s get started with part 2 of my little series. I didn’t quite know how to call these people as they are not really bloggers and also not all of them are actresses so I just settled with internet influencer as I think they’re quite well known on social media. If not please tell me in the comments and make up your own category because I honestly had no idea whatsoever.
Without further ado, here are my top internet influencer Instagram accounts (Alliteration! Alliteration! Any fellow Literature students around that share my exam craziness about analyzing the sh** out of anything and everything?)

  1. Geordie Gray (@suburbanblues)

Oh my god, my love for geordie is unreal! I adore her. I’d marry her right away without ever meeting her, for the fact alone that her Instagram account is everything I aspire to be in life. It is perfection and beauty, it is as if eating some wonderful Sushi after your last exam of the semester. The special thing about her Instagram is probably her witty captions and her amazing sense of style. According to her a lot of her outfits are thrifted but I think that makes it even better. To achieve Geordies effortless and edgy theme, make sure that your fashion sense is included in this theme. She posts pictures with a lot of bright colors, however, the exposure seems to be turned down a lot and she definitely puts a certain amount of this grainy effect you can find on VSCO on all of her pics. Sometimes her pictures seem to have a kind of dreamy Valencia filter effect but never too much. In general, I do not think she goes all out on the filters but to achieve her feed you could also try and put the highlight option on VSCO cam up a little and if you wanna try a filter maybe put C1 on 10 but make sure to lower the saturation by 1 or 2.


2. Malin Dahl (@malin_dahl)

Next up, I’ve got this Norwegian beauty for you. Now I do actually think she’s a blogger but I am not entirely sure. I’ve gotten to know her through Instagram and I am the biggest fan of her feed. I could spend days looking at it just scrolling through and being happy about the lovely composition of her posts. Recently I’ve realized she’s worked with a lot of flat lays which are great if you want to achieve a minimalistic feed. It is easier to use whites in flat lays as sometimes if you’re outside well you don’t always have the most perfect shades of white around you. Malin always seems to have perfect lighting for everything but apart from actually shooting near a window or at the right time of the day you can also fake the lovely light and use Snapseed to brighten specific areas instead. Make sure to always, always, always work with the same white tones. This sounds weird but it is actually harder than you may think. As for filters just lower saturation in some cases, don’t go crazy filter and color wise but maybe add contrast and exposure. I’d say low saturation, high exposure and a bit of contrast are your friends to achieve Malins clean sophisticated feed.


3. Acacia Brinley (@acaciabrinley)

Yes, I know Acacia is an actress and a Youtuber but I wanted to include her because my love for her is almost as big as my love for Geordie and with all the amazing things she does (She can also sing! Like how cool is this girl?) I just couldn’t decide under which category to put her so I decided on the most general one. What Acacia does is that she kind of always reinvents herself and along with it, her Instagram feed and it fascinates me. She changes her hair and the colors she focuses on in her feed change as well and I love that. She is an example how to build a brand or a look for your Instagram but changing it up according to what changes in your life without losing the consistency of the feed. For her feed, you can try Valencia and Nashville filters and for VSCO G3 or T1. G3 gives the pics a bit more of a golden glow and T1 makes them seem more…green? 😀 that sounds weird but with the right exposure (turn it up for her feed) and contrast (maybe +2), it looks great. I am pretty sure she also puts a bit of a fade and lowers the saturation in some of the pics just to make it fit. You always have to adapt and change it for each pic.


4. Carin Olsson (@parisinfourmonths)

I’ve only discovered Carins instagram a few weeks ago but I immediately fell in love with it. I seem to have a thing for clean, sophisticated looking themes but hers is just so pretty. And also how cute is her Instagram name…I  just like everything that’s related to Paris in any way so maybe I’m biased. Still, Carin seems to get the perfect mix between dreamy and warm and sophisticated and elegant with her feed and I am still trying to find the perfect filter combination to achieve that look. My guess is: use valencia. Wow, Lili…you’ve at least used Valencia to recreate millions of other feeds. True, but hear me out, just use a tiny bit of it and mix it with a tiny bit of G3 (that’s how far I’ve come and I don’t actually think I’ve gotten it quite right). As always we love our whites to be all perfect and the exposure turned up, add a bit of contrast and lower the temperature, well always depending on your pic of course. And what Carin does perfectly is mixing wide shots and detailed ones, this adds the texture to your feed. You know, the one I’m always talking about.


5. Mali-Koa Hood (@malikoa) & Alexa Losey (@alexalosey)

I couldn’t decide and I didn’t want to have a top 6 so I just decided I’ll put both of them in here. Mali is also a singer/songwriter and Alexa a Youtuber but again, I LOVE their Instagrams. Whenever they post something my heart skips a beat and makes a jump and the butterflies in my tummy go crazy and yeah maybe that’s all a bit over the top but now you kind of understand the feelings I get. Apart from the filters P5 or G3 and a bit of added contrast and lowered exposure in some pics they do not do a lot with their feed but I just enjoy what they post and that’s perfectly fine as well. I literally don’t really pay attention to their theme I just enjoy Malis voice whenever she posts a Video of her singing and Alexas amazing fashion sense.



So that’s it for this Friday. I hope you liked the post! I really enjoy these and playing around with filters and try getting them right for you. I’m a weird Instagram obsessed person but I just can’t help it. I’m sending all the love to you and I hope you spread it because we really need it if you think about recent events that happened in the world. Terror is a disgusting and horrible thing! But still, I love you guys a lot!

I’m sending hugs!
Loads of love,
Lili xx

Twitter: @castaway_minds
Instagram: @castawayminds
Personal Instagram: @lirial_


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