Summer Reading List

Hey lovely people,

it’s time for another blogpost from me. Please forgive me if it’s really short, but I’m super stressed with studying for exams lately in case that whole marrying rich plan doesn’t work out. ( No, but seriously, you don’t wanna depend on anyone, so go out and get your education, so you can change the world). As it’s summer and you might go on holiday or just chill at home, we all have lots of time to fill and how could you do that better, than by reading. So here’s a reading list I made for you.

  1. An abundance of Katherines (John Green)

    This amazing book by one of my favourite authors ever, is about Colin, a child prodigy, who’s in a crisis after he gets dumped by a girl named Katherine, for the 19th time. He goes on a roadtrip with his best friend, where he finds out a lot about himself, love and life and meets new extraordinary people. The characters are just very john-green-like special and the roadtrip feeling is perfect for a good read in the summer

  2. Me before you (Jojo Moyes)

    As the film just came out how about (re)reading the book as well ? Sunshine Louisa gets a new job : caring for Will who is paralyzed after an accident. They learn a lot from each other and Will slowly starts enjoying life more again.

  3. Fantastic beasts and where to find them (Newt Scamander / J.K. Rowling)

    Another film coming out !! The Harry Potter spin off describes the different creatures of the Harry Potter universe and has added comments from Harry, Ron and Hermoine. Perfect for Harry Potter Nerds like me !!

  4. Meet me at the cupcake cafe (Jenny Colgan)

    This super cute book tells the story of baking genius Issy, who decides to open her own cupcake shop. This book is super great chicklit, is easy to read and even contains some really great recipes.

  5. The sisterhood of the traveling pants ( Ann Brashares)

    A great story about four friends and a jeans who fits all of them. They all spend their summer differently, experience different stuff and develop. Sounds super summery to me !  

  6. Delirium ( Lauren Oliver)

    We all know the wish to be able to just switch of our feelings and in the world where Lena lives, that actually happens on your 18th Birthday. In this futuristic America people think love is a disease and therefore, heal you when you turn 18 so you won’t be able to get infected and feel love. Lena’s actually looking forward to being cured but then she meets Alex and suddenly she isn’t sure anymore if love is really such a bad thing. Yeah we all know where this will lead, but still a great book, a nice lovestory and the very exciting start of a trilogy.

  7. The girl on the train (Paula Hawkins)

    To add a bit of crime and tension to the list. A woman, who doesn’t really have her life under control, watches a couple from every day from the train. One day the wife disappears and the “girl on the train“ tries to help solve the case and is confronted with her past. Really exciting stuff that one !

  8. All the bright places (Jennifer Niven)

    This is a boy meets girls story. Except that they meet on top of a roof they both want to jump down from. He’s bipolar, she lost her sister in an accident, that she survived. He’s a loser, she’s popular. Slowly they get to know each other and help each other to get better.It’s a really good read about struggle and young love.

  9. The princess saves herself in this one. (Amanda Lovelace)

    In case you like poetry books, I’d strongly suggest this one. It contains beautifully written poems about love, reading, confidence and all the things young people struggle with.

Soo I hope I could help you with choosing weapons against your boredom this summer. Have a good time reading,but don’t forget to go outside once in a while.

Love Alli xx

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