My Favorite Instagram Accounts – Celebrity edition

Hey my magnificent unicorns,

How are you all doing? Since I wrote a “How To Get An Amazing Instagram ” blogpost (here) last week, I thought I could continue with this Instagram theme and introduce you to my favourite celebrity Instagrams. I also had the wonderful idea of turning this into a series for the next couple of Fridays…I don’t really know how long this series is gonna be but I do know that I have some amazing Instagram accounts up my sleeve and of course I’ll always try to tell you how to achieve their Instagram feed. (I might not always get it 100% but I mean you can just try to put your own twist to it)

  1. Shay Mitchell (@ShayM)

Not only do I love Shay Mitchell as an actress I also love Shay Mitchells social media. Her snapchat is life but her Instagram is even better. She posts a whole lot of travel related pictures just as selfies or pictures of her and her friends. Her whole feed just looks really beautiful as she makes sure to keep it bright and colorful. My guess is if you want to recreate her feed, to use a lot of exposure on your pics just as well as a moderately high exposure. Remove shadows with snapseed and try and use the C1 Filter on Vsco Cam and well there you go 🙂


2. Lauren Conrad (@laurenconrad)

I’ve already talked about her Instagram very briefly in my last post but her feed is just perfection! She has the right mixture of different backgrounds, flat lays, the occasional selfie and it all flows together nicely. An Instagram like hers is a lot of work, not that much in terms of editing but rather in terms of composition. Carefully consider, which photo looks good next to another and when you’re out and about taking pictures think about silhouettes, lighting, and texture. The pictures need to be bright, with a nice golden afternoon light, to give it that dreamy look her feed has. When using Instagram put your phone on flight mode and play around with the filters Nashville and Valencia, Nashville will emphasise blue hues and Valencia will give the picture a honey glow (that’s what I’d call it). Then you can play around with exposure and remove some contrast or add some fading on the picture and maybe even make the picture look warmer by using the temperature tool. Just make sure it still looks soft and not too harsh.


3. Rena Lovelis (@renalovelis)

Rena is my girl crush forever and always! I love her band Hey Violet and I love her Instagram feed. It’s full of her awesome fashion choices and on point eyeliner and it’s all PINK!!! It’s literally my dream and it’s super pretty. I love my blue feed but I am actually thinking about going all pink…but we’ll see about that. Rena posts a lot of pictures of quotes and stuff in between her actual posts giving her feed a clean, not too cramped look. She posts pictures of herself in a variety of angles so you don’t get annoyed by all the pictures of herself, there aren’t even many! I tried to get this pink hue on my images by using the highlight tint tool on the VscoCam App and setting the magenta colour to 12. This actually works pretty well already depending on the pic you’re editing. You may try and use the fade option as some of her pics seem a bit washed out but I don’t think she actually uses it, she rather lowers the exposure and contrast. Just play around, the key is just find something pink in all your pics and make it stand out so it has a coherent theme. Or just make it appear pink, you might wanna mix a bit of a blue hue in.


4. Josephine Skriver (@josephineskriver)

One of my favourite Victoria’s Secret Models is Josephine Skriver and I adore how she comes off as super quirky and lovely on her social media. Her Instagram is also more quirky and colorful, she does not always try to make the pictures flow thematically but the color theme is always really bright. My guess is she adds a bit of contrast and exposure to her pictures just as well as a bit of a higher saturation. She does not necessarily use a filter on her pics.


5. Bryana Holly (@bryanaholly)

Just like Rena, Bryana is my ultimate girl crush! Her Instagram is mainly pictures of her modeling but nonetheless you can see she has a bit of a golden toned filter on some of her pics, which looks really flattering on selfies, as it makes you look tanner. So you can try to achieve this by playing around with the valencia filter on Instagram, adding a bit of exposure and turning up the temperature (although that is not always necessary, lowering the temperature can look much more flattering). On some of her pics, she also turns up the contrast. You can try and achieve the golden light by using the G3 filter from the VscoCam App and maybe set it to 6 and then add a tiny bit of exposure (+2), a bit of contrast and lower the temperature.


Yayyy that’s it from todays post! I hope you guys liked it 🙂 Next week I’ll try and see what filters my favourite Bloggers use, so stay tuned.

Loads and Loads of love, Lili xx

Instagram: @castawayminds

Twitter: @castaway_minds



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