My Top 10 Tips For An Amazing Instagram Feed

Good day to you,

can we just think about the #Brexit before I’ll write anything else? It just makes me angry and a bit sad to see that elderly people over 65 are having that much of an impact on a decision that has a larger effect on the future of many young adults, who clearly voted for staying in the EU. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be allowed to vote as that wouldn’t have anything to do with democracy, but after all we have an age restriction on when we are allowed to vote so why not think about an age where people should not vote again? Because that’s just not fair and it’s also really damaging for the economy.
But anyways, enough serious talk on this Friday, I don’t want to spoil the start of your weekend. Yesterday Alli told me a friend of her was planning on building a house in around 2 years time with her boyfriend of 1 year. 1 f***ing year. Can we just let that sink in? Like whatever floats your boat mate, that’s what I call commitment. So I pointed out to Alli how I can’t even decide on one coherent Instagram theme, which then sparked the idea of telling you how to step up your Instagram game!

  1. Think about how you want to portray your account or yourself on Instagram

    Do you wanna focus on traveling? On cooking? Or maybe also on fashion related posts? Think about it before deciding on a theme, it will make choosing filters much easier. As for me I actually haven’t decided but I like to stick to travel related posts 🙂 you can barely find food posts on my Instagram.

  2. How do you want to arrange your pictures?

    Putting your posts into a different order can have a huge impact. You might want to reconsider posting two selfies in a row and maybe opt for a flower shot or OOTD in between to break things up a little. You can for example create a second, private account on Instagram and post all your pictures there before uploading them onto your actual Instagram. I would’ve advised you to just use VSCO Cam for that purpose as you can see what your feed will look like but apparently the new update doesn’t include that anymore. (I haven’t updated my VSCO Cam yet and I probably won’t do it either any time soon.)
    A lot of Instagrammers post a picture of themselves or something with a person on it and afterwards a shot with a wider angle, as this gives a nice dynamic to the feed. I did that for some time but stopped now as it’s just annoying to try and take good pictures of yourself when you’re not a full-time blogger.


    Honestly, nothing is more annoying than seeing hundreds of hashtags in the caption. Either put them into a new paragraph (by clicking on the number section of your keyboard, you’ll find the return button there!) or just post your caption and then comment on your own post with hashtags. It has the same effect but it looks much nicer. I mean I am guilty of hashtagging the shit out of my Instagram posts, we all want our posts to get noticed after all.

  4. Think of a funny/witty/deep caption

    There are actually people, like me, who read the captions and enjoy the occasional pun or witty comment. Again, make sure it fits into your theme, if you are one to put quotes in your captions, try to keep that up, if you only like to caption your post with emojis, well then try to be consistent with that as well. People on Instagram then know what to expect when they follow you. (A great example is Geordie Gray @suburbanblues whose captions are literally perfection!!)Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-24 um 18.08.45.png

  5. White backgrounds or undertones can look different on each picture

    If you’re going for a more monochrome feed, remember that some whites in pictures look different than others and it can turn into a jumbled up feed, or the all together aesthetic of the feed isn’t as pleasing. Apps like Snapseed let you brighten up certain areas in a picture so that you can add exposure to darker white spots in the pictures (if that makes sense?) or remove shadows.Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-24 um 18.13.35.png

  6. Mix up textures

    Just play with different dynamics and pictures. A flower might not look as good next to another flower as next to pictures of architecture or clothes. Also just adding this on a side note: Use the straightening option! Your pictures and your Instagram will look much clearer!! Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-24 um 18.06.15.png

  7. Flat lays are always a safe option

    When in doubt about what to post, just make a flat lay of several things, try breaking up straight lines and maybe change up the angle of the picture. It depends on your feed though!


    All the editing apps in the world won’t make your pic look as good as natural light does. Find a good spot next to a window or wait for the golden hour, when shooting outside, to get the best results.

  9. Blue tones get more likes

    Apparently, posting pictures with blue undertones will get you more likes…I don’t know about that, but if you ever check out my Instagram you’ll notice that I stuck to a blueish theme and ever since I’ve done that my followers have gone up significantly.

  10. Stick to one coherent filter theme

    Doesn’t matter if you’re going dreamy, vintagey like Lauren Conrad on her Instagram or use more white tones, find a filter and stick to it. You might have to readjust exposure or saturation a little when using a filter on selfies or on food but all in all having one filter you’re using can help making your Instagram theme flow together nicely. You can always play around with the Instagram filters (My favorites are „Nashville“ and „Valencia” and if you layer them you can achieve a rosy, dreamy theme) but my all time favorite filters are on VSCO Cam. If you cannot work a theme out on your own search for „Instagram Themes“ on Pinterest or Tumblr or so, it does really help. Always think about if your picture really needs to be edited that much, a subtle change can go a long way.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-24 um 17.40.24.png


I really hope this helps you with your Instagram, remember it has to be fun! If you don’t care about what your theme looks like and you only want to share pictures with your friends anyway, you can just post away happily but I actually enjoy having a coherent instagram theme 🙂
I hope you have the most amazing day and aren’t too bumped out by the #Brexit…we’ll make it work, somehow! Hopefully…Lets just hope and pray it shows US citizens how important it is that as many people as possible vote and do their research so that Trump doesn’t become president.

As always, loads and loads of love,
Lili xx

Instagram: @castawayminds
Twitter: @castaway_minds
Personal Instagram: @lirial_

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