My Amsterdam Lookbook

Hey there boys and girls,
how are my beautiful blog readers doing on this magnificent day? (Are there even any readers?) I hope you’re all peachy and you’re ready for summer. It is already June, how crazy is that? We’re already halfway through the year and I have to admit my year hasn’t been too bad so far and I hope you can say the same about yours.
It’s Friday and that means it’s time for a wonderful Fashion Friday blogpost by the one and only Lili, aka me! Because yes, that’s what you’ve been waiting for all along, admit it.
By the way I just wanted to ask you if you guys have already seen the new Alice in Wonderland movie? If not, go watch it, I loved it!!! Alice is my spirit animal, she’s just as creative as she is badass and I’m digging that. That girl can kick some ass.
About a month ago I posted about my trip to Amsterdam and today I’d like to have a look at two outfits I wore in Amsterdam so that you can go shopping and look exactly like me. Wow. I bet that’s all you ever wanted in life.
Anyways, it’s only 2 outfits because I didn’t dress fancy for the flight and it was super hard to get my brother to take pictures of my outfits. Although I am convinced he always does an amazing job at filming for my Lookbooks or taking OOTD photos of me.

My first Outfit

The day we went sightseeing and to the Anne Frank house I wanted to wear something appropriate for a museum, therefore I went with black ripped skinny jeans, a wardrobe essential if you ask me. If you don’t like the ripped knee part then definitely go buy a plain black jeans. Mine are more or less high waisted Jeggings that I ordered online at Urban Outfitters. They are from the brand Cheap Monday and I live in them, all day, every day. They might be too warm for summer, but who cares? Along with my skinny jeans I wore a striped loose cropped kind of t-shirt from American Eagle, which is not really that cropped as I bought it a bit bigger and therefore it’s flowy and really one of favorite shirts to wear. I can dress it up to go clubbing, it’s nice for uni and I even wore it as a Pyjama top several times. As my shoes I chose my current favourites some shiny leather oxfords. And well a jeans jacket is never wrong, I bought mine around 2 years ago in Florida from GAP and I still love it dearly. The backpack is and old one I got from my grandma. She used to go hiking in the mountains with my grandpa, always taking that backpack with her and it feels nice to have something of hers with me (I also feel quite proud of myself for getting it and not one of my 14 other cousins…we are a big family).

My second Outfit:

As I knew that it would get quite sunny and warm I decided to go for a skirt with tights, so I could just take off my tights if it’d get too warm. I found the skirt I wore at an Abercrombie & Fitch Outlet and I fell in love with it. The burgundy color fits perfectly with the majority of my clothes and I love the cute A-Line form of it (Makes my butt look not that huge). Apparently I’m very much into flowy crop tops as that is the kind of shirt I wore with the skirt. I bought it at Urban Outfitters as well (yeah I have a thing for Urban Outfitters) and it’s from the brand BDG. Its upgraded version of stripes (again the stripes) just kind of spoke to me and I knew I had to buy this shirt. Also the color scheme was pretty lovely. Again, I wore my Oxfords and my jeans jacket because it was a weekend trip okay? I only was allowed to take hand luggage so might as well safe some space in case I’d go shopping. Which I did…


So that’s it with this Fridays post. It was quite short to be honest but I still hope you enjoyed it. I’m preparing for my exams anyway so I don’t have much time to write blog posts…meeh.
Have a wonderful day and be daring with your clothes, because nobody should really care about what you’re wearing.
I love you and I’m sending you loads of cuddly hugs. (Movie by Hoodie Allen just started playing and hell that song is my jam! Have you seen the Video? I mean it’s kinda old but Bryana Holly is in it and she’s just my girl crush.)
Lili xx

Twitter: @castaway_minds
Instagram: @castawayminds



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