#GuyBoss of the month – Zayn Malik

Hey lovelies,

it’s Sunday already, which means another week is over but it also means it’s time for another Sunday Funday post on our blog! This Sunday it’s my turn again and I’ll talk about my #GuyBoss of the month.
Originally I wanted to write about a different person but given the circumstances I thought I’d talk about Zayn Malik. Yesterday at Capital Summertime Ball he cancelled his performance last minute and left many fans and basically everyone else hella confused. It felt like he cancelled out of nowhere just like he dropped out of One Direction seemingly out of nowhere.
But lets rewind this whole scenario and look at it from a different perspective. The perspective being that he is an incredibly brave young man, who understands the importance of his mental health and that sometimes it’s just more important to put yourself first.
To me Zayn shows that as a man you don’t need to pretend that your emotions don’t exist and that mental health isn’t even a topic just to show how „strong“ and „manly“ you are. Isn’t it much more manly or strong to realize you do have a problem with your mental health?
Lets go back to around a year ago when Zayn dropped out of One Direction. Yes, it was bound to happen but then again I think it was brave of him to be the first one to quit, the first one to drop out because it didn’t feel right anymore. This doesn’t have anything to do with not being thankful or anything, he was just brave and strong enough to cut those things out of his life that probably just didn’t feel right anymore. This is a good example for how you should make sure to cut toxic people and situations out of your life and make sure your surroundings help you grow as a person, help you feel better about yourself and even though you’re a man, it does not mean that you cannot openly talk about this.
Now fast forward to the Summertime Ball. The first night Zayn would have performed on his own, without his band mates around. As a former member of a band I can exactly tell you how scary it sometimes seems to just go out there on stage and put on a smile and be ready to entertain people. What if you fail? What if you just forget the lyrics or sing a wrong note? What if you slip on stage and fall?
Now imagine this happening to someone who has suffered from anxiety for a long time just like Zayn has. Imagine what horrifying things are going through their mind and what kind of panic attack they are about to get. Wouldn’t you understand it? Wouldn’t you say it was the right decision that he cancelled? I do. Because it shows that anxiety is a thing! It shows that men can suffer from mental health issues just as well as women. It shows that sometimes it’s more important to take care of yourself first and there is nothing wrong with it. Men in our society still have this issue of never admitting that the are not okay or that they aren’t capable of dealing with a certain situation. Be aware that mental health is an issue in todays society, as after all 1 in 75 people suffer from Panic Disorders, according to the American Psychiatric Association. I’m actually happy that we slowly start to inform ourselves about different kinds of mental health issues and that celebrities like Zayn bring awareness to these topics. Nevertheless I still feel like the acceptance for a male to suffer from mental health issues, especially anxiety (because why would performing in front of thousands of people freak you out that much you weirdo?!) is still a bit less present than the acceptance for women with mental health issues. Men are seen as the strong people in our society but that’s just wrong. We’re all people and we all have the right to acknowledge when we don’t feel okay or need help. Zayn has done just that, with pointing out how his anxiety has come in the way and that makes him my #GuyBoss of the month.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-12 um 21.11.16

Zayn on his Anxiety on Instagram

Let’s remember to raise our sons and daughters in the knowledge that it is okay not to be okay and that boys have a right to cry, feel sad, to love and show emotions because that’s what makes them human, what makes them strong after all. And also remember to be more open towards the people around you who might suffer from anxiety or the like, it’s tougher than you think. Make sure to encourage them but never put them under pressure they should be able to take all the time they need just like Zayn has the right to.
We should make this world more acceptant and loving 🙂 If you have anything you want to talk about and feel like you cannot openly talk about with parents or friends, don’t hesitate to message us! Or check out some of the helplines I listed down below.

Loads and loads of love,
Lili xx

Twitter: @castaway_minds
Instagram: @castawayminds


NHS mental health helplines

Infos & Helpline about Panic Disorders
Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Collection of helplines of all kinds of issues from bullying to depression for Teens

Lifeline helpline and information on several mental health issues


Anxiety Disorder Association of Canada 

Mental Health Helpline Canada 


Angst Hilfe e.v.

Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch Kranker e.v.


Picture Source 


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