Sounds live feels live concert experience

For todays blogpost I want to write about my 5SOS concert experience from last weekend. Lili, Jenny and I went to „Sounds live feels live“ in Berlin on 6/6/16. As none of us is from Berlin we stayed at my friend’s place. We left the house at around 10:45 and took the underground and a train to the venue. At the station we grabbed some sandwhiches so we wouldn’t have to starve all day and coincidentally ran into two girls, we had met the day before who were also heading to the show. We arrived at the venue at around 12 and waited in front of the fence behind which the tourbusses were, because we hoped to maybe see the band. Some more people joined us and we just hung out and looked out if we could catch a glance on the boys. At some point we even had worked out a certain position, in which everyone could see the back entrance. After a few hours of waiting we could hear fans screaming from the other side of the arena. The reason for their screams was a black Van driving into the back entrance. We assumed all the boys were in there, so we were really surprised when another tourbus came and Ashton (the drummer) got of and walked into the back entrance as well. He even waved at us and smiled, but unfortunately none of us got a picture. After a little bit more waiting Lili, Jenny and I decided to leave and have a look around the arena. We walked around a bit, had a look at the merch and got us some fries, because we’d already eaten all our sandwhiches. Then it was already time to queue at the entrance. We were lucky to be quite at the front, but it still took very long as something didn’t work out inside the arena, so we weren’t let in until an hour later than expected. Inside the arena we quickly got drinks and bought tour wristbands and than went on to look for our seats, which we found quickly. The music before the show started was very very good, it was exactly my taste with bands like blink 182, sum 41, green day, queen and others. The opening act Don Broco came on on time and they were so much better than I had expected. I was quite unmotivated but they came in and created such a great atmosphere that I was jumping around in less than ten seconds. It was a really great performance and everyone seemed to have a great time. The band was so much better live and great musically. They played songs like „Automatic“, „You wanna know“ and „Fire“ and always managed to perfectly include the audience. I had a really awesome time rocking out to them.Bühne After another break 5sos finally came on and the excitement was unbearable. They seemed to be in a really good mood and started with playing „carry on“ , „ Hey everybody“ and „Money“ there was a little bit of talk. The band seemed quite happy and even Calum, who doesn’t usually say much had a long talk. Cal

One of my favourite moments was when Michael was alone on stage and a spotlight on him and he just stood there for a minute and looked at us and it seemed like he was about to cry. Other Moments I really liked was when they played my favourite song „If you don’t know“ and a song they made up about Berlin, with the lyrics „We’re born again, Berlin“. All in all they were really good musically and the fans were in an awesome mood as well and there was just an awesome atmosphere. During „Outer Space“ and „Vapor“ we held up signs as a part of a fan project.Michael

At the end the band swapped instruments for a few seconds, then they threw their pics in the crowd and Ashton even spilled his water on them. They held the German flag up (the wrong way round but whatever) and bowed and then the concert was already over. We went home, sweaty, with sore throats, but happy because it was one of the best nights ever and we had met lots of amazing people.

If you’re going to a concert soon or even to SLFL tour, I hope you’ll have just as much fun as I had.

Love Alli xx

Picture credits to the lovely friends we made at the concert, their twitters are @zayns_hemmo and @_Leonie_97 and @alinaisaweirdo (yeah that’s me… shameless selfpromo)


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