Bands with mostly female fanbases

Hey lovely people,

so today I want to write about a topic that’s already been talked about quite a lot I think. Still it kind of bothers me so I’m just gonna discuss it again. Okay quick question for you: What are the beatles ? Most of you would say they’re a band I guess. So now what are the Vamps ? Now I bet a lot of you would say they’re a boyband. And theeere it is. I in no way want to compare the beatles to the vamps because yeah I know there’s a huge difference in time and the beatles are legends, but still why is one of them a „band“ and the other one a „boyband“ ? Both are/were four young guys playing their own instruments and making popular music. I don’t want to say that being a boyband is a bad thing, boybands are great and I love them, but I feel like the term has kind of a negative connotation in our society. Boybands are often kind of ridiculed and aren’t taken seriously.

But why ? The answer is the same as to the question why one band is a band and the other one a boyband. The boyband’s fanbase predominantly consists of young females. And when have teenage girls ever been taken seriously by anyone ? Literally everything we do is a joke to society. I mean isn’t it funny how we drink vanilla lattes at starbucks and wear leggins and ugg boots and aww how ridicoulus is it that we write diaries and crush on popstars. Apparently super funny, when you look at the internet which is full of jokes and memes about these exact topics. These are normal things, that wouldn’t be considered as funny if boys did them. But as we’re girls the things we do or like can’t be taken seriously.

It goes without saying that it’s not different for bands. For our society bands who have lots of male fans are „awesome bands“ and „make great music“ while girls with a mostly female fanbase are „trashy boybands“ and we „only like them for their looks anyway“. Sure, boo, that’s why I put my earphones in and choose One directions album on Spotify, to stare at their fucking faces. A band can be as successful as they want, break records in sells and get one award after another and still not get the recognition they deserve because „their success is just due to their obsessed fangirls“ and „they’re music is not actually that good“. So apparently teenage girls have no taste in music. The consequence is that people actually start to be ashamed for liking bands like this. When I was 16 and started liking One Direction I didn’t tell anyone about it, because I was afraid people would laugh about me and judge me. I guess for boys it’s impossible to like them without being made fun of , which is one more reason why those bands’ fanbases are female. Boys aren’t allowed to like bands that are considered to be for girls. This is just so wrong. We live in 2016, we’re equal, there shouldn’t be things boys can’t like because girls like them. And we shouldn’t be scared to like something, because people will judge us. Society has to learn to accept that teenage girls are valid people, with valid opinions and taste and stop making fun of everything we do. That would make it much easier for people to like things and for bands to be taken seriously. Until then I have some advice for you: Fuck them and fuck what they think. You don’t need their approval for the things you like. So go ahead and jam to Justin Bieber, while wearing a One direction t-shirt and a 5sos wristband and just enjoy it because it’s your music taste and it’s great. They obviously all are amazing artists and that’s exactly the reason why lots of girls like them. And if its not your taste, that’s completely fine, just don’t make other people feel bad for theirs. People are different and music tastes are different, there isn’t a good one or a bad one, so there’s no reason to make fun of anyone. And give bands and their music a chance even if you heard they’re a boyband and have lots of female fans, you might miss out just because you’re scared to ruin your image or something ridiculous.

Yeah just wanted to say that again. I’m link a playlist of my favourite songs of artists with a female fanbase below. Have a lovely day full of music, pizza and awesome people

Love Alli xx

Picture sources : Bird, Girl

Playlist: Artists with female fanbases


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