Allis Girl Boss of the Month

Hello lovely humans and Aliens, I hope you’re having a great Sunday.

Today I want to write about a woman I admired since I was a child. She has a mind that must be as big as the universe and a heart the same size. She’s strong and her story has taught me to never give up, because there are brighter days ahead. We all know her because she wrote our favourite book . I’m talking about JK Rowling of course. Joanne Rowling was born in England. The K stands for Kathleen, the name of her grandma, which her publisher made her add so she could use her initials and nobody would know she’s a woman. He was scared boys wouldn’t want to read to read anything written by a woman. (I smell a very fragile masculinity). She studied English and Classics in Exeter. When she was finished she moved to London to work for Amnesty International. Later she moved to Portugal where she married and had a daughter. Unfortunately the marriage didn’t work out, so she moved back to the UK, where she had the idea for the Harry Potter books. As a young single mum without a job she didn’t have it easy. She sent her book to a huge number of publishers and nobody wanted it. But she believed in her idea, she worked hard and never gave up and the rest is history.

Today the seven Harry Potter books are among the most famous, bestselling books of our time and everyone knows her name. She also found happiness in her private life, she married again and had two more children

Joanne K. Rowling

The thing I admire the most about JK Rowling is, that through it all she stayed grounded and never took anything for granted. She published an other book under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, because she didn’t want to rest on her success and didn’t want people to buy the book because of her famous name. JK Rowling also once said she hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be poor, which explains why she does so much for different charities. She is for example the co-founder of lumos, an organisation which helps children, who are poor and disabled and have to live in institutions to have access to health care, education and social care. The organisation was first called Children’s high level group and it was founded it 2005. She also made a massive donation to finance a neurology clinic in Edinburgh, which cares for people who suffer from multiple skleroris, the disease that her mother suffered from. That’s why the hospital is named after Rowling’s mother. An other organisation she supports is „Gingerbread“. They work with single parents, just like Joanne Rowling was once. She also has a trust, called volant that supports different charities, mainly concerning women’s and children’s rights and supports other organisations. I once heard that she had billionaire status, but lost it because she gave so much money to charity. I think it’s remarkable how she had such a hard time in her life, which I’m sure seemed hopeless more than once, but pulled herself out of it, with her strength, stamina and her belief in her story. But what i admire even more about her, is that she didn’t forget where she comes from and now helps others, who aren’t as lucky as her, with all she’s got. I think J. K Rowling is an excellent role model for everyone who’s going through a tough time and doesn’t see a perspective at the moment. You’re gonna get through this, don’t give up, there are brighter days ahead. And I hope when you’re over the dark times, they will have grown you and made you a better person, just like Joanne Rowling.

Love Alli xx

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