Appreciate the little things

Hello my lovely people out there,

I’m personally a big believer in appreciating the little things in life and when I was at home at my parents for the weekend I realized it once more. In your fast-living everyday life it’s easy to forget to take a moment, step back and look at the small things around you and the people who do these little things for you.

I was just randomly baking a cake (as you do) and listening and obviously occasionally jamming out to the radio, when they played Ellie Goulding’s song ‘Army’. This song is about her best friend and how she always was there for her, even in the bad days. Listening to the lyrics made me realize that I and mostly everyone around me doesn’t say thank you enough to the people who are around them.

Like I don’t know the last time I have told my best friend thank you for just being there for me. Do you?

Said thank you to my friends around me who make my days in University always a blast, thank you to my parents for always having my back no matter what stupid thing I have done again, thank you to my siblings for giving me the regular banter (as you do as siblings), thank you to my grandma/ my aunts, my uncles and basically my whole family for supporting me no matter what and even thank you to the cashier at my local supermarket for always being so polite and friendly. This list could go on and on with people who are around me but that I certainly say thank you to way too little.

We are living in a society where only big gestures are appreciated and recognized but aren’t the little things that count? Don’t the little things, a person does make them stand out to you? And aren’t the little things that make your best friend your best friend? Or your mum and dad the best parents you could think of?

I personally like the little things more than the grand gestures. Like unexpectedly bringing your friend a box of chocolate when she’s at home crying over a break-up, writing your friend, whom you’re not seeing very often, a letter because he or she lives far away from you (and yes, letters still exist!) or just give your friend a random hug and say thank you out of the blue. You will see that these people will be super happy about these little things and you certainly will make their day by showing them a bit of appreciation and affection towards them.

And I’ve actually have got a little task for you today. Go to your room, listen to Elli Gouldings song and then the next time you see a person, whom you haven’t said thank you to in a long time for a little gesture they have done, do it. Go up to them and say thank you. You will see that you and them will feel better and happier after that. Because a thank you is never a waste of time 🙂

I hope you all have a lovely day and you can appreciate the little things today! ❤

Lots of love,


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